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Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE

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The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE conducts research on the technology needed to supply energy efficiently and on an environmentally sound basis in industrialised, threshold and developing countries. To this purpose, the Institute develops systems, components, materials and processes in the areas of the thermal use of solar energy, solar building, solar cells, electrical power supplies, chemical energy conversion, energy storage and the rational use of energy.

The Institute's work ranges from fundamental scientific research relating to solar energy applications, through the development of production technology and prototypes, to the construction of demonstration systems. The Institute plans, advises and provides know-how and technical facilities as services.

Agrophotovoltaics (APV) pilot plant located in Heggelbach

Current Press Releases
Photovoltaics and Photosynthesis – Pilot Plant at Lake Constance Combines Electricity and Crop Production
Sep 18, 2016

In 1981, an article by Prof. Adolf Goetzberger titled "Potatoes under the Collector" was published in the German magazine “Sonnenenergie”. The article proposed a particularly favorable setup for solar energy systems in combination with agricultural land use. After smoldering on the backburner for a couple of years, the concept of agrophotovoltaics (APV), that is, the dual usage of land for crop and electricity production, was again taken up by researchers at Fraunhofer ISE in 2011. Now the scientists at Fraunhofer ISE together with their partners in the project "APV-Resola" are reaping the benefits from Goetzberger’s original article: On September 18, 2016 an operating APV pilot system – the largest research project of its kind in Germany – was inaugurated on location at Lake Constance. On this occasion the project was also presented with a prize from the "Germany – Land of Ideas" initiative.

Storage Systems for Renewable Energies Under Scrutiny – Research Focuses on Safety of Lithium-Ion Batteries
Sep 08, 2016

In 2016 more than 35 percent of our electricity will come from renewable energy sources. Increasing the flexibility of the energy system through storage systems is therefore being addressed by science and industry at all levels. One focus is the development of storage solutions based on lithium-ion batteries for private households. These batteries are especially efficient and durable. To date, however, adequate standards and testing procedures do not exist for this technology. The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE is now working on two research projects which address the aspects related to the acceptance and dissemination of the technology. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) provides funding for both projects.

2nd “Solar for All” Contest 2016 Finalists have been chosen – “Short Video Contest” Winner is announced
Aug 04, 2016

More than one billion people still have no reliable access to electricity, particularly in rural areas in developing countries. The cost for photovoltaic (PV) technology has been dropping continuously in the past years, making solar electricity an even more viable solution for these regions. Reliable PV systems for community electrification that are well adapted and scalable are required.

Expert Workshop in Freiburg: Modeling and Monitoring of PV Systems

The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE is acting as host for this year’s “PV Performance Modeling and Monitoring Workshop”. Photovoltaics experts from around the world will meet in Freiburg’s Historisches Kaufhaus (Historic Merchants’ Hall) for the event from October 24 to 25, 2016. The industry representatives will discuss the latest scientific findings, as well as the market demands on modeling and monitoring of PV systems output. Further information and a registration form for the workshop can be found here.

Application deadline of MSc Solar Energy Engineering: September 1st, 2016

The application deadline for the Master of Science Solar Energy Engineering is approaching soon.

Start of the European Project “RAISELIFE” to Enhance the Lifetime of Materials for Concentrated Solar Power

In Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants, the quality and durability of the employed functional materials have a high impact on the cost of the produced solar heat or electricity. Eleven European partners from the R&D sector, universities and industry affiliated together with the Moroccan Research Institute of MASCIR and the Israeli company of BrightSource Industries Israel to work during the next 4 years on improving the lifetime of key materials used in CSP.

Events / Trade Fairs
World of Energy Solutions
Stuttgart, Germany
Oct 10, 2016 - Oct 12, 2016

The World of Energy Solutions is international trade fair and conference – and thus an important platform for speeding up the change to alternative energy sources. It addresses all players involved in the manufacturing of battery and energy storage systems for mobile and stationary implementation. All areas are dealt with, from raw materials to turnkey battery systems.

ISOS-9 – International Summit on Hybrid and Organic PV Stability
Freiburg, Germany
Oct 12, 2016 - Oct 16, 2016

ISOS has been running since 2008 and has rapidly become one of the most attended workshops in the field, bringing together an expert community both from industry and academia. The program includes round table discussions and the limited number of participants creates a unique atmosphere for informal scientific exchange. This year’s program will cover the following topics: degradation of photo-active materials and full devices in the field of organic, hybrid and perovskite solar cells, flexible gas barriers, applications and standards, characterization techniques and few talks from related optoelectronic devices, for example OLEDs or Si PV reliability.

6th PV Performance Modeling and Monitoring Workshop
Freiburg, Germany
Oct 24, 2016 - Oct 25, 2016

Fraunhofer ISE, Sandia National Laboratories, and the IEA PVPS Task 13 are co-organizing the 6th PV Performance Modeling Collaborative (PVPMC) Workshop to be held at the “Historisches Kaufhaus”, Germany (24th - 25th October 2016). Technical tours will be offered on Wednesday, 26th of October at Fraunhofer ISE and at a PV installation nearby Freiburg.


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