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Chillventa – eSpecial for energy efficiency, heat pumps and refrigeration

The trade fair was held in a virtual format as Chillventa eSpecial.

Heat pumps are a research focus of Fraunhofer ISE in the field of heat and cold supply. Our researchers are working on various issues for heat pumps to fulfill their role as the central heating technology of the future energy system. These include various aspects related to the optimization of materials, components, design, quality assurance and system integration of heat pumps. 

All talks are now available for download. Please feel free to get in touch with the speakers, if you have any inquiries. 


Talks by Fraunhofer ISE

Thursday, 15.10.2020

9:00-9:20 am

»Effizienzanalyse von Wärmepumpen im Einfamilienhausbestand auf Basis von Feldtestdaten« (in German)

Danny Günther


9:30-9:50 am

»Wärmepumpen für den Mehrfamilienhausbestand« (in German)

Dr. Constanze Bongs 


10:00-10:20 am

»Low Charge Heat Pump Module – Development and Evaluation of Charge Reduced Designs Using 150g of R-290«

Dr. Lena Schnabel

Talks by Fraunhofer IPM

Thursday, 15.10.2020

11:45-12:05 am

»Caloric Materials for Thermal Compression«

Dr. Kilian Bartholomé


Round Tables by Fraunhofer ISE

Wednesday, 14.10. 2020

12:45-1:45 pm

»Potenziale und Hürden für Kälte aus (Ab-)wärme« (in German)

Dr. Gerrit Füldner, Prof. Dr. Uli Volker (Geschäftsführer Green Chiller Verband für Sorptionskälte e.V.)

Thursday, 15.10.2020

11:00-12:30 am

»Wärmepumpen im Einfamilienhausbestand« (in German)

Danny Günther


1:00 -2:00 pm

»Perspektiven für Wärmepumpen im Mehrfamilienhausbestand« (in German)

Dr. Stefan Hess, Dr. Constanze Bongs

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