Dr.-Ing. Marek Miara

Coordinator Heat Pumps

Short biography

Marek Miara has a profound experience in the renewable energy field, with the focus of his work lying on the efficiency determination and evaluation of heat pump systems, rational energy use and buildings with low energy consumption. For the past 12 years he has been working for the Fraunhofer Institut for Solar Energy Systems ISE, where he heads the group Heat Pumps and, in particular, leads a large-scale monitoring projects on heat pumps efficiency. In addition to national projects he oversees international EU projects and activities in the framework of the IEA Heat Pump Programme. Mr. Miara is a member of normalization committees VDI and a co-founder and member of board of the Polish Heat Pump Association (PORT PC). In the field of heat pumps, he published technical papers and made numerous presentations in a vast number of national and international conferences.

Mr. Miara has a doctor degree in engineering defended at the Wroclaw University of Technology in 2014 with a PhD thesis „Assessing Efficiency of Heat Pumps. Analytic Method Integrating Ecological, Energetic and Economical aspects“. He is a graduate of the Kassel University (2004, Master Post-graduate) in the field Energy and Environment, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and of the Wroclaw University of Technology (2000, Master) in Civil Engineering.

Awards & outstanding achievements

Renergy award in the category "Outstanding Personality in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency"

Major projects

HPsmart Building Stock Intelligent, Grid-Integrated Heat Pumps in Existing Building Stock
HP Monitor Large scale field monitoring of heat pumps systems under real operating conditions  
SEPEMO Build Seasonal Performance factor and Monitoring for heat pump systems in the building sector  


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