Industry concepts and planning advice

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Solar Process Heat Design Guide

The wide range of industrial processes and industries, which are all subject to their own framework conditions, makes designing and planning solar process heating systems generally more expensive and prone to errors than that of standard solar installations.

At Fraunhofer ISE, we investigate the requirements of individual industries and their common processes. This allows us to deduce tailored industry concepts for specific sectors or regions. Working alongside industry associations and process optimization experts, we identify the necessary steps for the successful market development of solar process heat.

We draw up industry-specific, practicable planning guides, which advise designers of solar process heating systems on which planning steps to take. Starting with analyzing the operational situation, we optimize processes and recover heat, and even plan solar installations using the load profiles measured. By preparing checklists, standardized system concepts, nomograms and planning tools, we provide support with the dimensioning and planning of solar process heating installations.