Dipl.-Ing. Nicolas Réhault

Head of Group Building Performance Optimization, Department Energy Efficient Buildings

Research focus

  • Concepts for building energy monitoring
  • Analysis of the energy operation of buildings
  • Development of automated Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD) methods for building services
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) concepts for the operation phase of buildings

Short biography

Nicolas Réhault was born in 1973 in France and studied acoustical, thermal and lighting engineering at the Ecole Supérieure d´Ingéniers de Poitiers. From 1998 until 2009, he has worked as a project engineer in the fields of building acoustics, heating, ventilation and air conditioning in companies located in France, Germany and Switzerland. In 2009, he started as a scientist at Fraunhofer ISE and has been leading the group Building Performance Optimization since 2012. He is coordinator of several German and international research projects in the field of energy efficiency in buildings. His research focus is on the development of practicable methods and tools to support the supervision and the optimization of the energy operation of buildings.


YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2020A Hybrid Method for an Integral Function Description of Building Services
Ihlenburg, M.; Rist, T.; Benndorf, G.A.; Réhault, N.
Conference Paper
2020Tensordekomposition qualitativer Modelle zur Fehlererkennung: Anwendung in der Gebäudeautomation
Müller-Eping, Thorsten; Réhault, Nicolas (Betreuer); Wagner, Andreas (Referent); Lichtenberg, Gerwald (Referent); Hohmann, Sören (Referent)
2019Decentralized fault detection in building services by means of tensor decomposed qualitative models
Müller-Eping, T.; Réhault, N.; Rist, T.
Conference Paper
2019New town hall in Freiburg (D): Concept, performance and energy balance after the first year of monitoring of a large net plus-energy building
Réhault, N.; Engelmann, P.; Lämmle, M.; Munzinger, L.
Conference Paper
2018Digitale Beschreibung von Regelungsmechanismen zur Betriebsüberwachung von TGA-Anlagen
Benndorf, G.; Rist, T.; Réhault, N.
Journal Article
2018Energy Performance Optimization in Buildings: A Review on Semantic Interoperability, Fault Detection and Predictive Control
Benndorf, Gesa A.; Wystrcil, Dominik; Réhault, Nicolas
Journal Article
2018A Fault Detection System Based on two Complementary Methods and Continuous Updates
Benndorf, G.; Wystrcil, D.; Réhault, N.
Journal Article
2018Modellbasierte Energiebedarfsvorhersage und Gebäudebetriebsüberwachung mittels einer IoT-Plattform: Vortrag gehalten auf dem TGA-Kongress, Berlin, Germany, 22./23. März 2018
Wystrcil, D.; Réhault, N.; Rist, T.; Müller-Eping, T.
2018Verfahren zum Klassifizieren von Information und Klassifizierungsprozessor
Benndorf, Gesa; Rist, Tim; Réhault, Nicolas
2017Describing HVAC controls in IFC - method and application
Benndorf, G.; Réhault, N.; Clairembault, M.; Rist, T.
Journal Article
2017HIT2GAP - eine innovative Energiemanagementplattform: Minimierung des Performance Gaps in Nichtwohngebäuden
Rehault, N.
Journal Article
2017TOPAs, an IoT driven framework for energy efficiency in buildings
Lesecq, S.; Louvel, M.; Ploennigs, J.; Rea, S.; Rehault, N.; Wystrcil, D.; McGibney, A.
Journal Article
2016Density-based clustering algorithm for fault detection and identification in HVAC systems
Benndorf, G.; Réhault, N.
Conference Paper
2015Energetischer Gebäudebetrieb in der Praxis und neue Methoden für eine energieeffiziente Betriebsführung
Rehault, N.; Böhme, G.; Müller, T.
Book Article
2015Errichtung und Inbetriebnahme eines großen gebäudeintegrierten Kaltwasserspeichers in einem Laborgebäude
Kalz, D.; Sonntag, M.; Réhault, N.; Koppatz, S.; Urbaneck, T.; Platzer, B.
Journal Article
2015Fault detection with qualitative models reduced by tensor decomposition methods
Müller, T.; Kruppa, K.; Lichtenberg, G.; Rehault, N.
Conference Paper
2015Neue Werkzeuge für die energetische Betriebsführung von Flughafengebäuden: Vortrag gehalten auf dem Facility Management Kongress, FM 2015, Frankfurt, Germany, 24.03.2015-26.03.2015
Rehault, N.; Zehnle, S.
2014ALDI 2010 - Hocheffizienter Supermarkt mit geothermiegestütztem CO2-Kälteverbund
Rehault, N.; Kalz, D.
Conference Paper
2014Development of a Framework Based on PyFMI for Optimization and Fault Detection
Böhme, G.; Réhault, N.
Conference Paper
2014Entwicklung und Test eines neuen Energiemanagementsystems in zwei europäischen Flughäfen
Rehault, N.; Rist, T.
Journal Article
2014Erfahrungen aus dem Monitoring eines energieeffizienten Supermarkts
Réhault, N.; Böhme, G.
Conference Paper
2014Laborgebäude des Fraunhofer ISE mit Kälteverbund und neuen Fassadenelementen
Kalz, D.; Rehault, N.
Journal Article
2013Energieeffizientes Laborgebäude mit Kaltwasserschichtspeicher
Kalz, D.; Rehault, N.
Journal Article
2013A qualitative modeling approach for fault detection and diagnosis on HVAC Systems: Paper presented at ICEBO 2013, 13th International Conference for Enhanced Building Operations, 08. - 11. October 2013, Montréal, Canada
Müller, T.; Rehault, N.; Rist, T.
2012Ongoing Commissioning of a High Efficiency Supermarket with a Ground Coupled Carbon Dioxide Refrigeration Plant
Rehault, N.; Kalz D.
Conference Paper
2010Projekterfahrungen aus der Betriebsoptimierung von Nichtwohngebäuden
Burhenne, S.; Jacob, D.; Réhault, N.; Neumann, C.
Conference Paper
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