Development of process heat collectors

© Fraunhofer ISE
© Fraunhofer ISE

Our services include:

  • Optimization of the thermal output of concentrating and non-concentrating collectors by selecting materials, making constructive improvements and changing design parameters
  • Development of tracking mechanisms and algorithms as well as experimental tests of tracking accuracy
  • Optical qualification of reflectors of any geometry at the test stand and in situ (spectrometry, goniometry, luminance measurements with imaging methods, fringe reflectometry, special measurement facilities for concentrator optics)
  • Exact determination and modeling of diffuse fraction of irradiance (direct and diffuse radiation) through stationary and quasi-dynamic processes
  • Ray-tracing simulation for reflector optimization and the theoretical determination of the incidence angle modifiers (IAM) for direct and diffuse radiation
  • Measuring the efficiency curve of any collector design up to 200 °C and 25 bar (indoor solar simulator, outdoor test facility and in situ)
  • Tests for Solar Keymark, SRCC, Australian standard, etc., by carrying out checks such as hail resistance tests
  • Measuring solar air collectors
  • Measuring collectors’ steam production
  • Optimization of collector fields (hydraulics, stagnation behavior, degree of space utilization) using thermal and hydraulic simulation