Prüfstand zur Vermessung von Spiegeln mittels Deflektometrie
© Achim Käflein
Prüfstand zur Vermessung von Spiegeln mittels Deflektometrie.

With our large lab-infrastructure we provide services for thermal- and optical testing of components. Using advanced measurement techniques and evaluation methods.

  • VLABS: Measuring of specular reflectance and scattering in the near-specular range
  • Mirror material characterization
  • Artificial soiling and characterization of incidence angle dependent attenuation due to dust
  • Fringe Reflection Technique: Deflectometry assessment from small-scale 5cm x 5cm to large-scale 2mx4m reflective optics
  • Measurement of temperature-dependent deformation of CSP mirrors and small scale optics
  • Photogrammetry and laser scanning
  • Hail tests
  • Molten salt loop in lab-scale
  • Climate chamber degradation tests
  • Tracker testing based on international standards
  • Heliostat test field with moving receiver
  • Thermal performance test-loop for pressurized water