Smart Metering and Control Systems

The Smart Meter Gateway (SMGW) is the central element in the digitalization of the energy system. Together with modern measuring equipment (mME) it makes up the intelligent measuring system (iMSys). Apart from the secure transmission of consumption data to the metering point operator, the SMGW with the connected control boxes allows local producers and loads to be controlled via a secure communication channel.

Fluctuating and decentralized energy production increasingly demand coordination between the consumption and the use of available flexibility options, especially in home energy systems. Numerous new business models are currently emerging in the field of smart buildings: energy management gateways are used for networking and controlling the various flexible consumers, meters, power generating units and battery storage. Feedback systems provide targeted energy efficiency analysis and optimized operation as a function of the current network status.

The comprehensive roll-out of the intelligent measuring systems iMSys has begun, however, the functionality of the first generation is still very limited. We are working on useful extensions of the system and are testing in the lab and in field tests what the system can offer on real added value.

Our R&D activities on the topic of "Smart Metering and Control Systems" includes:

Energy Management via the HAN / CLS interface

Flexible systems in the building are controlled via the control box
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Flexible systems in the building are controlled via the control box.

Fraunhofer ISE is investigating communication processes for the control of relevant systems (e.g. charging infrastructure, heat pumps or battery storage) in buildings and which are collectively managed by a home energy management system. The decisive component is the CLS control box, which generically implements performance requirements from the network or market level. With the energy management platform OpenMUC, a powerful CLS control box is now available for research and pilot purposes - with full access to the functions and protocols required for process evaluation.

The ISE control box offers extensive communication interfaces: IEC 61850, IEC 60870, OCPP, EE-Bus, meter protocols for submetering. 

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