Operation Management and Optimization of Energy Supply Systems

As the share of renewable energy steadily grows in the electricity grid, the building of the future must be adapted to meet the requirements of a renewable based power supply. Thus, the energy system as a whole, including all its supplier units, stands in focus.

At Fraunhofer ISE, we develop and test customized control and operation strategies that allow a higher degree of local load management. Using power tools which we developed ourselves, we are able to carry out detailed monitoring of energy supply systems.

Our R&D services include:

  • Monitoring energy supply systems
  • Developing power tools for visualizing and monitoring the energy supply system
  • Tools and concepts for the quality assurance of the controls and operational management of energy supply systems
  • Consulting and designing energy and cost-optimized concepts for operational management
  • Elink – webservice for decentralized energy management systems (http://www.elink.tools/): 
    • synPRO: synthetic time-resolved profile for electricity and heat
    • schedSOL: prognosis-based operation management
  • Player involvement and acceptance studies