Energy Data Analysis

Today electric distribution grids are subject to many influencing factors such as new generators, storage facilities and consumers. As a rule, not all of the information required for optimal operation is available. Therefore, Fraunhofer ISE offers various methods for (synthetically) mapping the local generation and consumption structure. Among other things, our scientifically based synthetic consumption profiles allow new load situations, such as those caused by electric vehicles, to be considered. The state of electrical grids can be estimated and used as the basis for use planning of controllable generators and storage facilities. The planning also includes the optimal control of grid components, such as adjustable local grid transformers or voltage stability using reactive power.

Our R&D services in "Energy Data Analysis" include:

Synthetic Consumption Profiles

Parametrierungsmöglichkeiten in SynPRO
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Parametrierungsmöglichkeiten in SynPRO: Nutzergruppen, Gebäudetyp, Aktivitäten und weitere Parameter können flexibel zur Erstellung individueller Lastprofile genutzt werden.

Public utilities, energy consultants, research institutes and project developers often use standard load profiles to precisely define building energy systems and power grids and to develop control concepts. The applications range from planning the energy supply for entire residential areas through to developing control strategies for PV heat pump systems and calculating the potential self-consumption for  PV/ electric vehicle systems in single-family homes. In many cases, a high temporal resolution is  necessary to map load peaks and account for user behavior.

Fraunhofer ISE's SynPRO software offers scientifically validated profiles for all of these applications. Quality assurance is guaranteed by continuous comparisons with field test results as well as standard and reference load profiles. Through the integration of device-specific profiles and the consideration of  characteristic energy consumption behavior based on user group data, it is ensured that the profiles match the requirements of the specific project. The high degree of representation and the temporal resolution guarantee reliable results in simulation and analysis.

Fraunhofer ISE produces individualized electrical and thermal load profiles for the energy industry:

  • Profile for individual user groups
  • Stochastic modeling of individual device use and electromobility
  • Load profile of households, businesses and residential areas
  • Time resolution is selectable ( 1s)


Synthetic Profiles for Electric Mobility

Control room for controlling the Hardware-in-the-Loop system with digital twin
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Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation of an electric vehicle charging station.

In the distribution grid, electric vehicles are both a new and a big consumer. Often uncertainty exists about their electricity usage. With SynPRO,  we can generate use profiles based on the various charging situations at home, at work or on the road.

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