Communication technology for virtual power plants

Our special strength lies in optimizing the thermal/electrical operation of decentralized systems.  We are knowledgeable about the relevant decentralized generators (primarily PV and CHP), controllable loads and storage (heat pumps, electric vehicles, stationary batteries) and connecting and controlling these components within the complete system. External parameters like weather prognoses, varying electricity prices, critical situations in the electricity grid and market processes are included as well.

We develop and evaluate system models as well as specific communication interfaces and protocols for safe, reliable and interoperating system controls, including software for lean energy management systems and communication gateways. Besides our Make-to-Order service for drivers and client-specific applications, we offer consulting services, assistance in implementation and development as well as technology evaluations of demonstrators and pre-series products.

Our R&D services include:

  • Secure information transmission, communication technologies and protocols
  • Energy management gateways, embedded systems
  • Controlling of thermal and electrical systems, data models, smart metering
  • Customized software
  • Prototype development, field tests, highly modern laboratory infrastructure