System Integration

Laserleistungszellen auf TO Sockel
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Components: GaAs-based cells for laser power transmission mounted on a TO header and integrated in FC connector plug, as well as an optical fiber with FC connector.

Optimal system integration is decisive for efficient performance, and therefore it is crucial that the entire system is considered. For each application, good optical coupling of the fiber optic cables must be ensured and suitable fiber optic connectors must be found. At the same time, a good thermal connection and adequate dissipation of the heat must be guaranteed. For this purpose, thermo-mechanical simulations based on the Finite Element Method (FEM) are carried out. Also, an efficient connection between the photovoltaic cell and the downstream electronic circuitry and power electronics  must be ensured.

An interesting application for Power-by-Light systems is the realization of power and data transmission within one fiber optic cable. In this case, it is possible to use the photovoltaic cell itself as power and data receiver.

Based on our expertise, we assist our clients in the comprehensive design and development of Power-by-Light systems with consideration to the aspects mentioned above.