Reliability Investigations

Blick in die Klimakammer
© Fraunhofer ISE
View into a climate chamber during accelerated aging testing.
© Fraunhofer ISE
Climate chambers with control.

Besides automated packaging, another key research area at ConTEC (Concentrator Technology & Evaluation Center) is investigating the reliability of the assemblies. In particular, the reliability of the packaging technology is analyzed. In addition to stable electrical front contact, the thermal connection between the photovoltaic cell and the substrate is decisive because at high irradiances a large heat flow must be dissipated.
We also develop methods of analysis for investigation and assessment of aging effects.
To investigate the long-term stability of assemblies or components, we carry out accelerated aging tests. The following climatic chambers are available for this purpose in our laboratories:


  • Temperature degradation up to 250 °C
  • Temperature cycling: Thermal shock (-40 °C to 180 °C)
  • Damp Heat Test: Environment with humidity and temperature (10 %RH to 98 %RH)
  • Humidity Freeze Test: humid environment and varying temperature (-40 °C to 180 °C and 30 %RH to 95 %RH)