Packaging Technologies

Automatisierte Montage von Laserleistungszellen
© Fraunhofer ISE
Automated packaging of laser power converters: A wire bonder creates the electrical contact of the photovoltaic cell to the Transistor Outline (TO) header.

At ConTEC (Concentrator Technology & Evaluation Center), we develop manufacturing processes for the automated mounting of laser power converters. In our laboratories we use industry-level packaging equipment. This enables us to develop processes with high through-put. For quality assurance, we characterize the assemblies or modules in-line or off-line.

The equipment at ConTEC is used for pilot or small series production. The mounting is carried out on a Transistor Outline (TO) header (TO-46, TO-39) or on planar copper or ceramic substrates which can be individually customized.

The following equipment is available at ConTEC:

  • F&K Delvotec Dye Bonder Model 4500:
    Placement of photovoltaic cells measuring 1 mm² to 400 mm² with a precision of 15 µm @ 3 sigma
  • Rehm V8 Nitro Reflow Oven:
    Soldering in a nitrogen or air atmosphere, controlled curing of conductive adhesives
  • Hesse & Knipps BJ 820 Thin Wire Bonder:
    Ultrasonic welding of gold and aluminum wires 20 – 85 µm thick
  • Hesse & Knipps BJ 910 Thick Wire Bonder:
    Ultrasonic welding of aluminum wires 125 – 500 µm thick
  • Centrotherm VLO12 Vacuum Soldering Oven:
    Vacuum soldering of surfaces up to 300 x 300 mm² to achieve voidless soldering joints and to enable soldering without flux using formic acid or activated forming gas
  • UV drying and various handling systems
  • Nordson Pull & Shear Tester Dage 4000 series:
    Pull and shear tester for characterizing and assuring the quality of electrical contacts