ServiceLab Smart Energy

The Lab is equipped with a complete range of regenerative and efficient, electrical and thermal generators and storage units suitable for future free-standing houses and medium-density housing.

ServiceLab Smart Energy

As they become more economically attractive, distributed electricity generators, electric vehicles, heat pumps and electric storage units can be found in many residential buildings. At the same time, changes in the regulatory boundary conditions are resulting in  completely new operating strategies, which are moving away from feeding all the generated electricity into the grid toward on-site  consumption with control strategies which help to stabilize the local grid. ServiceLab Smart Energy is comprehensively equipped with the types of distributed generators and storage units that will be found in future residential buildings. This includes a simulator for  electric loads to emulate triple-phase profiles with single-second accuracy and a PV simulator to provide IV characteristics for inverters with 1 s resolution. The laboratory works with powerful simulation tools, which allow model-based “hardware-in-the-loop” operation to evaluate system controllers. This means that innovative system components such as PV battery systems and heat pumps can be evaluated for any desired dynamic scenario of consumption and generation in the residential building context.

ServiceLab Smart Energy is equipped with the complete infrastructure needed to investigate questions concerning the system integration of distributed energy systems in a Smart Grid. System providers can thus test and evaluate both individual systems and also complete concepts in a realistic environment, such that business models and control strategies can be checked. These customized investigations include performance analyses of novel electricity / heat supply systems in a realistic system environment, the evaluation of grid compatibility of distributed generator systems, the assessment of PV battery systems with respect to efficiency and grid compatibility with the help of any required reference scenarios, the evaluation of thermal storage concepts with respect to distributed  generation, the design and prototyping of intelligent operation management concepts and network-connected control systems, and the implementation of prototype systems with any type of interface.


Facilities and Services

Simulator for electric loads to emulate triple-phase profiles with 1 s accuracy


PV simulator to provide IV characteristics with 1 s resolution for inverters


Simulation of thermal load and solar thermal technology by computer-supported “hardware- in-the-loop” emulations


Test rig for all common battery storage systems


Network-connected charging stations for integration of electric vehicles into the domestic electricity circuit


Evaluation of system performance compared to reference scenarios obtained by extensive  monitoring