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ServiceLab PV Power Plants


PV power plants in the multi-megawatt range are becoming increasingly important internationally. Investors, project developers and EPCs (engineering, procurement, construction), banks and insurance companies must be sure that a power plant will deliver the predicted yield. With the Fraunhofer ISE quality cycle, we offer comprehensive quality assurance of PV power plants in all phases of a PV power plant project – from the development phase to on-going operation.

Already in the planning phase, we advise our clients on component selection and system design, taking the differing climatic conditions at each site into account. The results are also used for our internationally recognized yield predictions. With the help of testing programs developed in house, such as the Quality Benchmarking and the Procurement Check, we investigate selected modules and components in our laboratories, TestLab and CalLab PV Modules, with respect to their quality and suitability for the planned application. This greatly reduces the risk of well-known fault mechanisms in advance.

We offer complete and comprehensive testing of the whole PV system, so that our clients can be sure that their plant really corresponds to the state of the art and delivers the promised performance. Its quality can be controlled and existing faults can be documented with the help of on-site analysis that includes visual inspection, thermography and determination of the actual power generated. Once a PV system has commenced operation, we determine the actual Performance Ratio of the power plant and compare the results with the values from the yield prediction. Early detection of sub-optimal operation enables power plant operators to take the necessary remedial steps as soon as possible.