Gravimetric measurement

Gravimetric measurement of water deposited on heat exchangers designed as adsorbers or evaporators / condensers for water in the low-pressure range.

ServiceLab Heat Exchangers

We offer various possibilities to characterize and evaluate heat exchangers and segments of typical structures. The goal is to identify the potential to increase the efficiency of heat exchangers and make them useful in building technical applications such as electrically or thermally driven heat pumps. Extensive infrastructure is available, with which both complete heat exchangers and also individual components can be investigated with regard to their transfer properties or detailed flow analysis. We also draw on data from the technical literature and simulation tools for exact analysis of heat transport itself and restrictions to heat transport.

Facilities and Services

Measurement of heat exchangers between air and various fluids (water, brine, coolants)


Dimensions up to 1.5 x 1.5 m2 (ribbed length / height)


Measurement of characteristic structure segments (e.g. fin segments, fluid distribution)


Measurement of dynamic / stationary boiling and adsorption characteristics of water at low pressure on structure segments and heat exchangers


High-resolution, optical flow analysis


Dimensioning and pilot construction of heat exchangers


Application of simulation tools (CFD / FES / heat exchanger design tools / system simulation software)