Fuel cell laboratory

Fuel cell laboratory to test laboratory-scale single cells, fuel cell components and peripheral aggregates.

ServiceLab Fuel Cells

ServiceLab Fuel Cells offers measurement services for manufacturers of fuel cell systems and components. We characterize and test membrane fuel cells and systems with an electric power rating of up to 20 kWel in accordance with relevant standards.
Our characterization of stacks and systems allows the operating strategy to be optimized for relevant application and operating conditions. Fuel cell stacks and systems can be investigated under various climates in our walk-in climate chamber. For investigations under conditions similar to those in systems, we can also control peripheral equipment such as pumps, ventilators and valves, also without using the climatic chamber. Inhomogeneity in the stack is identified by simultaneous single cell monitoring of the cell voltage and cell impedance spectrum. We offer safety checks with respect to electrical safety and leakage. Additional characterization is possible to aid the selection of components and materials. We test single cells and cell components such as gas diffusion layers, electrodes and membranes according to recognized international test protocols. We measure both the performance and the long-term durability of the cell components. For in-situ analysis, we are equipped not only to record current-voltage characteristics but also to apply measurement procedures such as electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, cyclovoltammetry and linear-sweep voltammetry. As we are able to produce electrodes and membrane electrode assemblies, we are also able to investigate materials such as catalysts or catalyst substrates in situ. In addition, we have access to a low-pressure chamber to simulate altitudes of up to 6000 m. We investigate cell components with respect to their electrochemical
stability with a three-electrode
configuration and exposure tests.

Facilities and Services

    Fuel cell test rigs for fuel cell stacks up to 20 kWel and 1000 ADC

    Fuel cell test rigs for single cells and cell components

    On-line single-cell monitoring of fuel cell stacks with EIS, HFR and CV

    Insulation and short circuit tests for fuel cell stacks up to 5000 ADC

    Leakage tests of fuel cell stacks

    Climatic chamber with 8 m3 interior volume and air flow rate up to 2000 Nm³/h, temperatures from -50 °C to +80 °C, relative humidity from 10 % to 95 % (from +10 °C)

    Climatic chamber with 300 litres Interior volume, temperatures from -40 °C to +95 °C, relative humidity from 10 % to 95 % (from +10 °C)

    Test of peripheral aggregates under hydrogen exposure and extreme climatic conditions

    Ex-situ component tests of electrochemical long-term durability

    Analysis of contact resistances of materials – in-plane and through-plane