Air-handling unit

ServiceLab Air Handling Units

We investigate and characterize components and equipment for ventilation and air-conditioning. Three air-conditioning
units are available, which cover a wide range of temperature, humidity and flow rates. With their modular construction, the
air-conditioning units can be combined as required for the scope of investigation. Operation of the equipment under
test in either a purely fresh-air input mode or with recirculation can be offered, with a zero-pressure measurement also
being possible. With special accessories, small test units on a centimeter scale can also be investigated with a strongly
reduced air flow. Investigations relating to safety technology are carried out in a chamber which is equipped with a gas
detection system and an emergency extraction. In addition, equipment under test can also be connected to water or brine
loops in the ServiceLab Heat Pumps and Chillers or installed in a climatic chamber and investigated there.

Facilities and Services

Air flow ranges

80 to 300 m³/h, 150 to 1000 m³/h, 800 to 5000 m³/h

Heating power

2 to 50 kW

Cooling power

2 to 15 kW

Temperature range

-15 °C to 50 °C

Humidity range

15 % to 95 % r. H.

Temperature tolerance

±0,3 K

Humidification power range

1 to 40 kg/h