WPVS Reference Cells

WPVS Referenzzelle
© Photo Fraunhofer ISE

Fraunhofer ISE’s reference cell was developed according to the international standards of the World PV Scale (WPVS).

The World PV Scale is recognized as an international standard for calibrating reference cells used in the characterization of solar cells and modules. To comply with the WPVS standard and the requirements of IEC 60904-2, reference cells must meet a wide range of optical, electrical, thermal and mechanical criteria and be calibrated and recalibrated in accordance with international standards.

The CalLab provides WPVS reference cells for primary or secondary calibration which fully meet these specifications. WPVS reference cells from the CalLab are available with or without calibration in accordance with IEC

Technical data for WPVS reference cells:

  • housing of black anodized, mechanically stable aluminium
  • dimensions: 70 x 79 x 17 mm³
  • monocrystalline silicon solar cell made by Fraunhofer ISE, 20 x 20 mm²
  • potential-free mounting in the housing
  • Pt100 temperature sensor (4-wire) integrated
  • connection via two 4-wire LEMO connectors
  • glass cover or filter e. g. for measuring thin-film cells
  • Fraunhofer ISE DAkkS-calibration or Fraunhofer ISE proprietary calibration; PTB calibration on request

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