RAISELIFE – Raising the Lifetime of Functional Materials for Concentrated Solar Power Technology

Duration: 04/2016 - 03/2020
Contracting Authority/ Sponsors: EU Horizon 2020
Project Partners: DLR, Brightsource Industries Israel, CIEMAT, Corning, Vallourec, Flabeg, Soltigua, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Dechema, INTA, PROMES, MASCIR
Website: https://www.raiselife.eu/
Project Focus:
Solar absorber tubes
© Simon Kohler, Fraunhofer ISE
Solar absorber tubes with selective coatings.

In a solar thermal power plant, the quality and lifetime of the singular components have a large influence on the costs of the generated heat and electricity. Eleven European partners from research facilities, industry, universities as well as the Moroccan research institute MASCIR and the Israeli company BrightSource Industries Israel are working together in the RAISELIFE project to develop solutions to reduce the cost of solar thermal power plants. Among other topics, they are investigating the lifetime of the key materials used in these CSP plants.