InDeWaG – lndustrial Development of Water Flow Glazing Systems

Duration: August 2015 - January 2019
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Project Partners: University of Bayreuth, Bollinger & Grohmann Consulting GmbH, ETEM Bulgaria AD, HTCO GmbH, Savior Venture Capital, Universidad Polytecnica de Madrid, Cerviglas S.L., Architectonika, Central Laboratory for Solar Energy and New Energy Sources
Project Focus:
InDeWaG - Visualisation of the pavillon
© Architectonika
Visualisation of the pavillon with Fluid Flow Glazing

Although Nearly Zero Energy Buildings will become a “must” for new buildings in Europe by the end of 2020 – no particular building concept exists, which would enable maximum use of daylight by a transparent glass façade and at the same time ZEB performance. InDeWaG is introducing a new, disruptive building envelope system which has at least 15% building cost reduction potential and can be brought to industrial ripeness. The cost reduction goal and ZEB performance will be achieved with Fluid Flow Glazing facades (FFG) and Radiant Interior Walls (RIW), while minimizing the size of HVAC and PV-installations.

InDeWaG is following a dual strategy to bring costs of ZEB down: The project concentrates on industrial production of standardized building components, which can be used for multiple types of ZEB in different climate zones and on the development of a simulation tool for precise early stage planning of buildings which use these innovative glazing building envelope and interior elements.