HelioGLOW – Development of Components for a Solar Thermal Tower Power Plant

Overall Optimization through Air Wall and Optimized Heat Carrier

Duration: September 2018 - August 2021
Contracting Authority/ Sponsors: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)
Project Partners: LWT GmbH, Nebuma GmbH, sbp sonne GmbH

Project Focus:
Test of shape accuracy of the Stellio heliostat
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Test of shape accuracy of the Stellio heliostat.

The main objectives of the HelioGLOW research project are as follows:

  • Development and test of a receiver concept with integrated storage based on the SoBoRec (solid body receiver) concept including a new material used for temperatures > 1000°C.
  • Development and experimental implementation of a concept for the reduction of thermal losses in tower receivers based on air wall technology.
  • Further development of the Stellio heliostat with the aim of further reducing costs and adapting the design to requirements of small tower power plants.
  • Further development of techno-economic models for the design and profitability calculation of commercial tower power plants

Fraunhofer ISE coordinates the project, is responsible for concept development and supports material development, integration of air wall technology and heliostat development.