ArKol – Development of Architecturally Well-Integrated Facade Collectors With Heat Pipes

Duration: 01/2016- 02/2020
Contracting Authority/ Sponsors: German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)
Project Partners: Facade-Lab GmbH, DAW SE
Project Focus:
Visualisierung der solarthermischen Jalousie mit absorbierenden Lamellen, Heat-Pipes und einer schaltbaren thermischen Kopplung.
© Fraunhofer ISE
Visualization of the Solar Thermal Venetian Blinds with absorbing slats, heat pipes for a good heat transfer and a switchable thermal coupling to the vertical header tube
Visualisierung des Streifenkollektors mit freier Wahl der Abstände und des Materials zwischen den Kollektorstreifen.
© TU München
Visualization of the Strip Collector with free choice of the distances and the material between the strips. The length of the strips can be changed, too.

Building-integrated solar thermal energy can enable higher yields at lower costs. To provide more design options for the architecture, two novel facade collectors are developed from idea to application maturity in the “ArKol” research project. On the one hand, a strip collector is developed with high efficiency, where strip distance and material can be freely selected between the stripes. On the other hand, solar-thermal blinds are developed that can be inserted between glass panes, for example. The blinds are as movable as normal blinds. However, they also deliver renewable heat and reduce the g-value compared to conventional venetian blinds in double skin facades. Both technologies use heat pipes enabling a very flexible collector design.

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