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Fraunhofer ISE CalLab PV Modules – First Accredited Calibration Laboratory for PV Modules with Measurement Uncertainty of 1.6%


Worldwide the installation of photovoltaic (PV) power plants is increasing rapidly, with 55 gigawatts of newly installed solar power expected in 2015. Testing and quality control on a high level are becoming more and more important for banks and investors. Fraunhofer ISE is keeping pace with this demand by recently achieving accreditation status for its PV module calibration laboratory, thus turning CalLab PV Modules into the first accredited lab with a measurement uncertainty of 1.6%. On March 24, 2015 the German accreditation body “Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH Dakks” confirmed the competence of CalLab PV Modules under the terms of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 to carry out calibrations in the field of photovoltaics.

Fraunhofer ISE CalLab PV Modules is the first accredited calibration laboratory for PV modules with a measurement uncertainty of 1.6%.
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Fraunhofer ISE CalLab PV Modules is the first accredited calibration laboratory for PV modules with a measurement uncertainty of 1.6%.

“We are very proud to have become the first accredited calibration laboratory for PV Modules with a measurement uncertainty of 1.6% worldwide,” says Dr. Harry Wirth, Division Director of Photovoltaic Modules, Systems and Reliability. “This independent confirmation of the quality of our measurements helps us to provide our customers around the globe with unique quality assurance services and enables us to support PV projects in achieving technical bankability and safe yields for their investors.”

Fraunhofer ISE has a longstanding experience in quality control for PV modules and power plants. The newly accredited CalLab PV Modules combines the highest level of scientific know-how with cutting-edge measurement technology. Leading module manufacturers rely on module calibration carried out by Fraunhofer ISE, in order to validate inline flasher measurements in their production lines, thus allowing accurate module labeling. Prototype modules with ground-breaking PV technologies and record efficiencies are characterized at the laboratory based in Freiburg, Germany. CalLab PV Modules goes beyond Standard Testing Conditions (STC) by offering comprehensive characterization of modules in accordance with the energy rating standard IEC 61853 and quality benchmarking with individual testing procedures.

CalLab PV Modules has long-standing experience and a global reputation for module calibration. EPC companies, banks and investors with the most demanding quality requirements are counted among its clients. The expertise of the Fraunhofer ISE calibration specialists ranges from precisely calibrating single cells and modules through to customized tasks, such as accurately calibrating bifacial modules. With an uncertainty of only 1.6%, CalLab PV Module provides worldwide leading measurement accuracy under standard test conditions and quality assurance services.