Dr. Matthias Vetter receives Global Excellence Award by Energy and Environment Foundation

December 15, 2020

The Energy and Environment Foundation, India, is organizing jointly the Virtual 4th World Water Summit 2020 and the Virtual 11th World Renewable Energy Technology Congress from December 15 to 16. Coinciding with the conference, the annual »Energy And Environment Foundation Excellence Awards« will be presented to outstanding and distinguished energy personalities in the environment and energy sector to serve as a tribute to the awardee’s professionalism and commitment to demonstrate excellence in the fields of Water and Renewable Energy. Dr. Matthias Vetter, Head of Department Electrical Energy Storage at Fraunhofer ISE, has received the award in the category »Renewable Energy Sector«.

Dr. Matthias Vetter.
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Dr. Matthias Vetter.

Dr. Vetter is an electrical engineer with 22 years of experience at Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE. The main focus of his work lies in autonomous systems and mini-grids,  grid connected PV battery systems, development of battery systems for stationary and electro-mobile  applications, development and optimization of battery management systems, energy management systems as well as supervisory control strategies for energy storage systems. Within the Fraunhofer Battery Alliance, he is the technical contact for battery systems.

The Global Excellence Award recognizes Dr. Vetter's work on the safety, reliability and performance of battery systems over many years. He has also advanced the topic of quality assurance through various conferences and seminars in South and Southeast Asia. Especially in emerging and developing countries, the quality and safety of the batteries used can be questionable, leading to personal injury in the worst case of technical failure. Within service contracts and field trips, Dr. Vetters’ team has investigated quality and safety failures e.g. for off-grid battery systems. Fraunhofer ISE conducts extensive testing and verification of batteries in the laboratory (e.g.  for characterization and certification of PV battery systems as well as hybrid PV diesel -battery systems) and in the field worldwide. Currently, Fraunhofer ISE broadens its testing portfolio for various market segments of electromobility.       

About the Energy and Environment Foundation (EE Foundation)

The Energy and Environment Foundation (EE Foundation) is a not-for-profit, non-political, neutral and independent, non-governmental organization (NGO), focused towards helping billions of poor people world over who presently have little or no access to electricity and other basic energy sources. The foundation organizes conferences, expos, summits, workshops, round tables, seminars on energy, environment and related subjects to bring together industry-players, academia, research scientists, technologists, policy-makers, regulators, international organizations, governments worldwide for the exchange of experiences and expertise. The winners of the Foundation's Global Excellence Awards are selected by a jury of representatives from government, academia and industry.