Free Demo Version of Analysis Software SmartCalc.CTM Available

November 17, 2017

The software SmartCalc.CTM, developed by Fraunhofer ISE to efficiently optimize photovoltaic modules, is now available as a free demo version. The software analyzes the cell-to-module losses (CTM) based on the material parameters and measurement data.

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With SmartCalc.CTM, Fraunhofer ISE has developed a software that helps reduce the cell-to-module power losses in PV module manufacturing.

The trial version, in which the cell-to-module losses for modules with crystalline silicon solar cells are determined, enables the software to be evaluated. Materials, module components and parameters are graphically displayed on a user-friendly interface so that the resulting losses in the module output can be easily analyzed.  With the software, not only the optimization of the entire PV module but also the individual components (e.g. cell connectors) or design parameters (e.g. cell interval) can be carried out.

SmartCalc.CTM was not only designed as a tool for research purposes, but also is meant for applications in industry. Due to the user-friendly interface and the focus on practice-relevant parameters, the software can aid manufacturers in optimizing their module and materials. The free demo version of SmartCalc.CTM can be downloaded from our website.