Fraunhofer ISE Current Study Reveals: Renewable Technologies Competitive in Egypt


As commissioned by the German embassy in Cairo, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, in cooperation with SolarizEgypt, has calculated the electricity generation costs (LCOE) for renewable technologies and conventional power plants in Egypt. The results were published in a study and presented at a workshop at the German Science Centre Cairo. The calculations of Fraunhofer ISE show that electricity from wind and ground mounted PV systems in Egypt is already competitive today and, in part, less expensive than gas power plants and diesel generators.

Learning curve forecast of the electricity generation
© Fraunhofer ISE

Learning curve forecast of the electricity generation costs of both renewable as well as conventional power plants in Egypt until 2035.

With an improved financial situation for renewables and the removal of fossil fuel subsidies, renewable technologies can become cheaper than conventional power plants and thus increasingly competitive.  The detailed results are contained in the full study “Cost of Electricity from Renewable Energy Technologies – Egypt” which can be downloaded here.

Fraunhofer ISE holds comprehensive expertise in energy system analysis and has previously published studies on electricity generation costs (LCOE) in different market areas.