System Integration of High-temperature Storage Systems

Installation von Messtechnik zur Identifizierung des Abwärmepotenzials
© Fraunhofer ISE / Foto: Martin Karl
Installation of measurement technology to identify waste heat potential.

Fraunhofer ISE integrates high-temperature storage systems optimally into the respective overall system. For this purpose, we develop concepts for hydraulic coupling and operation management. Among other things, we use detailed numerical simulations, e.g. the internal software »ColSim« for simulating overall solar thermal systems. The goals are an efficient use of energy, the reduction of installation and control efforts as well as the reduction of costs.

Our R&D services include:

  • Numerical simulation of the entire system
  • Hydraulic integration of the storage tank
  • Integration of thermal storage tanks into existing systems
  • Adaptation of components to each other
  • Development of operation management concepts
  • Monitoring, analysis, evaluation and optimization of storage systems
  • Fault analysis
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Identification of potentials / market analysis
  • Simulation of the storage system in the context of the energy system
Schema eines Simulationsdecks eines Zweitankspeichers im Systemkontext eines solarthermischen Kraftwerks (mit ColSim-Software)
© Fraunhofer ISE
Schematic of a simulation deck of a two-tank storage in the system context of a solar thermal power plant (using ColSim software).