Storage for Solar Heating Systems and Industrial Process Heat

Our R&D services work towards making storage systems as energy efficient and cost effective as possible. We employ appropriate simulation tools and draw on our experience in practical applications to achieve this aim, making use of our experimental test equipment to validate the results acquired through theoretical work. Most importantly, we also have an accredited test lab which we use to provide evidence of the thermal properties of storage systems. This lab can be used to provide the proof needed to fulfill the requirements of the Ecodesign Directive, for example.

In addition to optimizing individual components, we evaluate and improve entire systems. Thanks to draw on extensive monitoring data from actual solar thermal plants currently in operation and the use efficient simulation tools, we are able to carry out tasks such as the optimization of strategies used to charge and discharge thermal storage systems. We also apply this process when dealing with matters relating to the dimensioning of systems for use with particular load and yield conditions.