Thermal Energy Storage for Power Plants and Industry

The topic of Thermal Energy Storage for Power Plants and Industry includes the following Fields of Work:

Storage for Solar Heating Systems and Industrial Process Heat

High Temperature Storage for Power Plants

We develop, test and optimize thermal storage ranging from low-temperature to high-temperature storage systems up to 600 °C.

For low temperature solar thermal energy, the most common storage medium is water. Other storage media such as phase change materials are also implemented. One differentiates between domestic hot water storage, combined storage tanks and puffer storage. We measure and characterize the charging and discharging characteristics as well as the thermal losses of the storage systems and we assist in their optimization. With simulations, we evaluate the storage performance within the total system.

Integrating high temperature storage systems into solar thermal power plants allows power to be generated in line with demand. Molten nitrate salt is frequently the storage medium of choice. Storage concepts involve combining different storage units and optimizing the charging and discharging performance and the storage capacity for the given power plant. Also in industrial process steam systems, storage systems for temperatures above 180°C are similarly required.

As a complement to our research and development work in the research topic Thermal Storage for Power Plants and Industry, we offer related testing and certification services to clients.

Selected Research Projects



Investigation of operating strategies for demand-responsive electricity generation by solar-thermal power plants in the low power range



Small-Scale Solar Thermal Combined Cycle (Gas Turbine/ORC)



Innovative Process Heat Storage Using Organic Phase Change Materials

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Thermal Energy Storage for Power Plants and Industry

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