Innovative Heat Exchangers

Textile Thermo-Fabric
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Enlarged view of thermal fabric.

We optimize heat exchangers in order to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their mass and the installation space required. In doing so, we pay particular attention to the shape of the heat exchangers. We examine and evaluate new designs for tubes, fins and distributors/collectors. For example, we have conducted innovative experiments in which we have used metallic wire structures to enlarge the surface area of air-fluid heat exchangers. This has allowed us to increase compactness significantly by up to 50% while maintaining the same heat transfer performance.

Our research ranges from investigating basic thermodynamic heat transfer processes to conducting metrological tests in the laboratory and the field.

We also focus on the identification of specific structure/material and coating combinations that can be used to avoid condensate blockages, reduce ice formation and minimize corrosion when heat exchangers are used as evaporators.

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Heat distribution in a FracTherm® structure.

Our R&D activities in the field of »Innovative Heat Exchangers« comprise the following:

  • Enlargements in surface area as a means of increasing heat transfer
  • Evaluation of heat exchanger designs to improve efficiency, e.g. by making changes to
    • Volume
    • Mass
    • Weight
  • Construction of functional models and prototypes
  • Design process support through

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