Heat Pipes, Evaporators and Condensers

Strukturproben zur Bewertung des Kondensations-/Verdampfungsverhaltens
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Samples of different structures for the evaluation of condensation/evaporation behavior.

In order to realize efficient evaporation and condensation processes, we analyze existing evaporator/condenser designs and heat pipes using measurements and simulations. We identify limiting factors and use them to develop innovative optimization and design solutions tailored to the requirements of the respective application profile.


Our R&D activites in the field of »Heat Pipes, Evaporators and Condensers« comprise the following:

  • Investigation of evaporation and condensation processes with refrigerant water in a pure system.
  • Measurement and evaluation of evaporation/condensation performance of different heat exchanger designs as well as structural elements in different modes of operation (flooded, partially flooded, sprinkled, capillary supported)
  • Measurement and evaluation of heat pipes with respect to performance, performance limits and arrangement
  • Analysis of thermal resistances and modeling of heat/substance transport processes as a basis for optimization
  • Construction of functional samples and prototypes 

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