Component Measurement

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Micro-computer tomography image of the enlarged surface area of a heat exchanger for controlling thermal contacts.

A heat exchanger’s performance is influenced by many factors. Thermal contacts and the formation of vortices change performance on a small scale, while current transformers, distributors/collectors and filters have an impact on the larger scale. Component measurement investigates the influence of these phenomena and can be used to highlight potential areas for improvement.

Laser-Doppler anemometric measurements
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Laser Doppler anemometry measurements for analyzing the spatial velocity distribution of air after it has passed through an evaporator.

Our R&D activities in the field of »Component Measurement« comprise the following:

  • Thermal-hydraulic measurements of heat exchangers with various fluids, such as air, water and other refrigerants and cooling agents
  • Acoustic measurements of heat exchangers and other components
  • Analysis of flow phenomena and manufacturing details using optical measuring procedures, such as laser Doppler anemometry, particle image velocimetry and thermography

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