Efficient Heat Exchangers

We research and develop efficient heat exchangers for solar thermal power plants and industrial processes in the following areas:


Cooling processes and cooling towers


Innovative heat exchangers


Heat pipes, evaporators and condensers


Detailed simulations of heat transfer


Pollution and freezing


Component measurement

Heating and cooling account for more than half of final energy consumption in Germany. Around 40% of this heating and cooling demand is incurred by the industrial sector, with the majority being used for process heat and cooling. This energy is required for technical processes such as drying, melting and separating. Since most of this energy currently comes from fossil fuels, increasing efficiency and switching to renewable energy are high priorities. It will only be possible to meet both of these objectives by making heat transfer more efficient. Technological developments in this field are also essential for the energy transition, as they increase the performance and cost-effectiveness of thermal plants. In addition to increasing energy efficiency, Fraunhofer ISE also focuses on improving resource and cost efficiency.

In collaboration with our partners, we develop system-oriented solutions for new components or solutions that enhance existing products. We also design our own innovative concepts for transferring and transporting heat.

We use physical and semi-empirical modeling and simulations on adapted scales to analyze surface effects or specific aspects of heat and mass transfer, or to characterize entire components. We also use our test facilities to conduct qualitative and quantitative experimental investigations to determine performance and optimize operation. Our developments also take into account the material properties of both prototypes and serial components as well as their different means of manufacture.

We are able to draw on many years of experience, particularly in the fields of sorption technology, heat pump technology, air-conditioning and ventilation technology, humidification and dehumidification, thermal storage and collector technology in both building services engineering and the industrial sector.

Technological Centers


Center for Heating and Cooling Technologies


Center for Material Characterization and Durability Analysis

Accredited Laboratories


TestLab Heat Pumps and Chillers

Selected Research Projects



Modulating Brine Heat Pump with Multiple-Source System and Decentralized Ventilation Equipment



Minimized Water Consumption in CSP Plants



Online Monitoring of Energetic Performance of Wet Cooling Towers


»Thermal Fabric (Thermogewebe)«

Technological Design and Thermal Fluid Dynamic Characterization of Wire Fabric-Based Micro Heat Exchangers with High Performance Potential


»Bionic Mold Tempering«

Cooling of Molds Using Bionic Methods



Optimization of Innovative Materials for Cyclic Adsorption Processes


Facade-integrated heating+cooling, ventilation and plumbing

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Efficient Heat Exchangers

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Heat Exchanger Concepts

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Heat Exchanger Simulation

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