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Heat distribution in a FracTherm® structure

Efficient Heat Exchangers

In the topic of Efficient Heat Exchangers, our fields of work include:

Development and optimization of thermal components

  • Solar absorbers and collectors
  • Heat exchangers

System-oriented development of components

  • comprehensive approaches, e.g. for building-integrated solar collectors 

Development of customized channel structures

  • uniform flow distribution and low pressure drop using the FracTherm® procedure

Thermographic images and pressure drop measurements

Heat pipe measurements

Modeling and simulation of components and systems

Studies on behalf of clients

Efficient heat transfer is an important key to development of efficient and economical thermal systems and is therefore indispensable for the energy revolution. For us, efficiency includes the consideration of energy efficiency as well as resource and cost efficiency.

In close cooperation with our partners, we develop system-oriented solutions for new components or to improve existing products. In addition, we develop our own innovative concepts for heat transfer and heat transport.

We use physical and semi-empirical models and simulations on adapted scales to analyze surface effects or partial aspects of heat and mass transfer, or to characterize entire components.  We carry out qualitative and quantitative experimental investigations to determine performance and optimize operation at our test facilities. Material properties as well as manufacturing possibilities of prototypes and serial components are taken into account in our developments.

Particularly in the field of sorption technology, heat pump technology, air conditioning and ventilation technology, humidification and dehumidification, thermal storage and collector technology, we can draw on many years of experience in both building technology and industrial environments.