High Power Converters

Our R&D Services comprise:

Development of performance-optimized converter solutions for PV, wind and battery applications up to 10 MW

Design and control of inverters in power supply systems

 (as in micro-grid, grid and USV applications)

Development of system engineering approaches for large PV power plants

Design of innovative circuit and heat dissipation concepts, prototype development

Firmware programming in assembly language on DSP’s and FPGA’s

Analysis of inverter defects and trouble shooting for large PV power plants

Renewable energy sources, battery storage systems and recently also controllable consumers are connected to the electricity grid via power electronic units. Technological developments in the field of power electronics are leading to a continuously steady increase in energy efficiency and power density as well as cost reductions for inverters.

Today the market environment for inverter and converters systems is rapidly expanding. Power electronic suppliers with system solutions that are customized for the respective application have a clear competitive advantage.

For example, there is a definite market trend today towards more compact, modular inverters/converters with a power class of ca. 100kVA. Such systems are popular for use in PV power plants or large battery storage systems.

At Fraunhofer ISE we develop inverters and DC/DC converters up to the MW range. The goals of our work are to develop optimized solutions for energy conversion as well as set up a suitable layout for the total system. The technical requirements depend on the specific field of application. With our long-standing expertise in the development of system technology and the power electronics, we work on innovative solutions for PV power plants, large battery storage systems, electrolyzers or other power supply applications.

Our areas of competence include: evaluating novel circuit topologies (e.g. efficient multi-level topologies), using simulations to determine the efficiency on both the component (e.g. inverter) and system level, establish the optimal layout of components (e.g. power semiconductors, filter components or cooling systems), design and set up entire systems as well as develop and implement control concepts for grid-connected and off-grid systems.

Together with our clients and partners, we optimize existing solutions or develop new concepts. We offer services along the entire value chain from development up to pre-series prototypes. Our facilities include a so-called “Megawatt Laboratory” and soon a “Multi-Megawatt” laboratory that provide the infrastructure for services in operation and characterization along the value chain.