Smart Cities and Sustainable Energy Systems for Cities and Districts

Fraunhofer ISE supports cities and municipalities in the development and implementation of sustainable energy systems through innovative technologies and integrated solutions. We design sustainable energy systems as part of comprehensive smart city strategies, develop target scenarios and master plans for the transformation of the energy systems, develop and support implementation projects and measure the progress of the transformation.

Cities and municipalities are important innovators in the development of future-proof lifestyles. On the threshold of the digital age, they offer space for the creativity of their citizens and companies in order to develop smart products, services and solutions to secure and improve the quality of their life. A sustainable energy supply is a priority goal of Smart Cities.

The municipalities are thus reacting to manifold challenges like air pollution, traffic jams and a shortage of parking spaces, a frequently outdated infrastructure, extreme weather events due to climate change, rising energy prices, demographic change and increased competition for companies, jobs and well-trained employees.

Our R&D services in the field of Smart Cities include:


Design and support of the transformation of local energy systems

  • Computation of sustainable energy systems for cities, districts and large properties
  • Development of master plans for the transformation of local energy systems
  • Monitoring of progress in the transformation
  • Support of the participation of stakeholder groups
  • Development of holistic concepts for Smart Cities with the focus on energy, buildings, electric mobility and ICT

Development and demonstration of innovative technologies

  • Clean district heating solutions
  • Integration of electrical and thermal storages
  • Smart grid and smart energy management
  • Integration of electric vehicles into smart local energy systems with bidirectional charging
  • Solar and energy-efficient building concepts, grid reactive buildings