Planning and Operating Strategies of Power Plants

R&D Services

Our R&D services comprise:

Analysis of the potential offered by renewable energy

Power plant operation planning in terms of heat, power and the use of storage systems

Operational strategies in terms of power plants, renewable energy and storage systems

The operational strategy pursued in fossil-fuel power stations, renewable energy systems and storage systems has a significant impact on their operating costs and profitability. In order to generate maximum yield, such strategies must be optimized. Operating modes that are adapted to specific business models not only bring economic advantages, they also exert a positive influence on energy system stability.

The research topic Planning and Operating Strategies of Power Plants shifts the focus of assessment to the operation of power plants and the associated economic context. Here, the Energy System Analysis business area looks at how different operating strategies have an impact on the variable system costs and examines the flexibility of various power plant types. This information helps plant operators to calculate contribution margins and forms a basis for new power plant, renewable energy and storage technology business models. Statements on flexibility and ideal operating modes are used as foundations for developing power plants at regional or national level in the most advantageous way.