National and Regional Energy Supply Concepts

R&D services

Our R&D services comprise:

Simulation of the investment decisions made by the key players involved in an energy system

Development of power plants nationwide

Analysis of the potential offered by renewable energy

Power plant operation planning in terms of heat, power and the use of storage systems

Modeling of Energy Supply Scenarios

Investment and operating costs for different energy technologies are continually evolving, as are electricity and heating prices in local and national markets. In parallel to this, alongside the demand for sustainable energy systems, there is a need to ensure high levels of supply security and a low economic burden on the general public. Decision makers are thus confronted with questions as to how national energy systems will change in future, as well as those of where intervention is needed to create the right conditions for the fulfillment of targets.
The business area Energy System Analysis offers energy systems analyses using a range of models. For example, the model “Renewable Energy Scenarios (E2S)” is able to simulate and optimize the development of energy systems and the interplay between components of an energy system within specific frameworks. This allows both the electricity and heating sectors to be analyzed in great detail. Challenges in the energy supply system are thus identified at an early stage and their consequences described. As a result, the models developed offer a sound basis for decisions pertaining to the framework of future energy supply systems.