Surfaces: Conditioning, Passivation and Light-Trapping

The surface structure of a solar cell has a significant impact on its efficiency potential. For this reason, we work on various methods and technologies for conditioning and passivation, as well as on optimizing light trapping in silicon solar cells. The key areas of our work include:


  • Single and multilayer anti-reflection coatings
  • Dopant precursors and multifunctional coatings
  • Passivation coatings and coating systems (incl. SiNx, SiOx, SiCx, Al2O3)
  • Barrier layers

Dry etching:

  • Texturing (fluorochemistry, HCl)
  • Processes for conditioning prior to passivation as well as emitter optimization and removal
  • Patterning
  • Selective removal of dielectric layers

Selected Research Projects





Simultaneos Co-Diffusion Processes for n-Type Solar Cells




Determination of Refelction and Absorption of Solar Cells with Surfaces Textured on Both Sides




Current publications - Surfaces: Conditioning, Passivation and Light-Trapping: