Metallization and Structuring

R&D Services

Our R&D services comprise:

Contacting/ Metallization

  • screen printing, inkjet printing, rotary printing, aerosol printing, dispensing, etc.
  • high-rate vapor deposition of Ti, Ni:V, etc.
  • electroplating, chemical procedures


  • printed
  • photolithographic
  • laser-based

Materials development and evaluation

  • pastes, inks, etching media, barriers

The field of metallization and patterning is very closely linked to all other areas within solar cell manufacture. Different processes can be used to print a range of media either onto the entire surface or in extremely precise patterns. By replacing silver with copper, it is possible to achieve high cell efficiencies and outstanding long-term stability while simultaneously reducing costs. Optical alignment systems enable patterns to be printed onto wafers with pinpoint accuracy, for example to manufacture interdigitated contact structures or selective emitters. The quantitative evaluation of process results is possible thanks to comprehensive characterization options.

Selected Research Projects



Foil Metallization for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells





Plating Metallization Process for Back-Contact Back-Junction Solar Cells


Current publications - Metallization and Structuring: