Final Power Plant Test after Starting Operation of PV Plant


Thermographic investigation of the solar generator carried out with a high resolution IR camera.
© Fraunhofer ISE
Thermographic investigation of the solar generator carried out with a high resolution IR camera.

To give our customers confidence that their PV power plant actually performs at current standards and provides the promised yield, we offer a comprehensive test of the entire power plant.

The test procedure includes the visual inspection, power verification and infrarot imaging of the entire plant. The Performance Ratio (PR) is determined based on the operating data. All test are carried out with calibrated and qualified testing devices according to a worldwide certified procedure based on the state-of-the-art technology.

General system tests

  • on-site visual inspection of the entire system , focusing especially on the main components and the assembly work
  • documentation of any discrepancy from the planned system layout
  • check for any possible shading with professional measurement devices and evaluate the future yield reduction due to shading, if any.
  • draw up an assessment report with a complete evaluation of the plant, and documenting any potential deficiencies with photos

PV module power measurement

  • measure the I-V characteristic to determine the power of the solar generator. Measure the installed power at the string or generator level.
  • extrapolation of the IV curves under standard test conditions (STC) (1000 W / m2, 25 °C)
  • calculate the power difference wrt. the nominal power of the module
  • document the IV curves of the solar generator and present the results

Infrared imaging

  • test the solar generator with an infrared camera to detect faulty modules (hot spots, defect contacts, usw.)
  • test the electrical components with an infrared camera, especially DC boxes, cables, connectors, fuses and much more
  • print-out the infrared photos

Check of the monitoring system

  • test and evaluate the accuracy of the the on-site data collection, in particular the irradiation sensors and their calibration
  • reference measurements to validate the installed data acquisition

Evaluate the system performance

  • test and evaluate the quality of the operating data supplied by the customer
  • evaluate the power plant operation during the first six months of operation
  • compare the measured yield with the yield forecasted by Fraunhofer ISE
  • evaluation report on the operating data