Quality assurance for PV modules and power plants

For PV power plants of all sizes, we offer an individual, continuous quality assurance. The picture shows a 10 MWp solar power station in Masdar, Abu Dhabi tested by Fraunhofer ISE.

Quality control of solar modules

With a thermographic camera, potential problems can be discovered and remedied by our experts.

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Thermography of a PV power plant

Thermography imaging to detect modules with hot-spot effects.

Quality assurance for PV modules and power plants

For PV power plants of all sizes, we offer an individual, continuous quality assurance. The picture shows a 150 MW PV power plant in the Atacama Desert, Chile, that was tested comprehensively by Fraunhofer ISE and certified by VDE.

Avoid planning mistakes

Modeling of a two-axis tracked PV system in »RADIANCE«. The shadow of the PV plant would result in row shading.

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Photovoltaic Power Plants

Since 1990, Fraunhofer ISE has made important contributions to the quality control of photovoltaic power plants. We offer ongoing services in quality assurance from the planning phase through to power plant operation.

In projects carried out in cooperation with renowned international partners, we permanently are putting our many years of experience to test. Our leading scientific expertise and state-of-the-art equipment are a fundamental part of our service.

Our yield assessments lay the basis for determining the economic feasibility of future power plants and provide information about the expected yield at each site. For our simulations we rely on our expertise in the field and make use of the data from component characterizations carried out in our laboratories. An on-site analyses with visual inspections, thermographic images and actual yield measurements provide information about the system quality and assists in identifying faults.

After operation, we determine the actual Performance Ration of the power plant. We compare the results with the values of the yield assessment and are thus able to recognize potential deviations from optimal operation at an early stage.

Precise laboratory measurments form the basis for module benchmarking in the planning phase, for random sampling analyses during commissioning and for examinations during the operation. In our accredited calibration laboratory, we not only carry out measurements with a world-leading measurement precision of 1.3 %, but we are also able to process large numbers of modules in a short amount of time.

  • Current-voltage measurement device
  • High resolution IR camera (also available with drone)
  • DaySy – Daylight System Luminescence
  • Reference cells

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