Quality assurance for PV modules and power plants

For PV power plants of all sizes, we offer an individual, continuous quality assurance. The picture shows a 10 MWp solar power station in Masdar, Abu Dhabi tested by Fraunhofer ISE.

Quality control of solar modules

With a thermographic camera, potential problems can be discovered and remedied by our experts.

Thermography of a PV power plant

Thermography imaging to detect modules with hot-spot effects.

Quality assurance for PV modules and power plants

For PV power plants of all sizes, we offer an individual, continuous quality assurance. The picture shows a 150 MW PV power plant in the Atacama Desert, Chile, that was tested comprehensively by Fraunhofer ISE and certified by VDE.

Avoid planning mistakes

Modeling of a two-axis tracked PV system in »RADIANCE«. The shadow of the PV plant would result in row shading.

Photovoltaic Power Plants

Our Services

We support our customers with a comprehensive quality assessment - from planning to the ongoing operation of a PV power plant.

Project Development


  • Solar Ressource Assessment
  • Site Analysis
  • Environmental Stress Assessment
  • Design Review and Optimization
  • Feasibility Studies



















Other Services



In cooperation with internationally recognized partners:

We have made a major contribution to quality assurance in photovoltaic power plants since 1990. The four stages of our quality circle enable us to offer seamless quality assessment from the planning through to the operation of installations.

Our yield assessments supply the basis for economic appraisals of planned PV power plants as well as precise statements on the yield that can be expected at any given site. When simulating components we draw on expert knowledge from the field as well as our experience of characterizing components in the lab. We offer comprehensive testing for entire power plants. On-site analyses with visual checks, thermal imaging and the collection of real output data provide insights into the quality of an installation and help to identify faults.

After commissioning, we determine the actual performance ratio of the power plant, compare the results with the values stated in the yield assessment and identify potential deviation from optimum operating scenarios at an early stage.

In our accredited Lab CalLab PV Modules at Fraunhofer ISE, we offer a comprehensive range of services in the field of Module Characterization.

Selected Research Projects



Development of characterization methodology for modules and systems applying bifacial PV technology



Agrophotovoltaic - A Contribution to Resource-Efficient Land Use


Development of an Industrial Recycling Process for PV Modules

Information Material


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Brochure: Quality Assurance and Yield Optimization for PV Power Plants

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Flyer: Integrated Technical and Financial Services for PV Power Plants

Flyer: Quality Assurance for PV Power Plants in the First Development Stages

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