PV Power Forecasting

To maintain grid stability, grid operators must know how much solar electricity is produced, when it is produced and where it is fed into the grid. In addition, PV system operators benefit from reliable irradiance and PV power forecasts. Theycontribute decisively to intelligent energy management, optimized battery management controls and efficient marketing of the PV electricity.

We suitably select and combine global weather model data, satellite images and measurements in the best possible way in order to forecast the solar irradiation for individual PV sites or entire regions. We generate customized forecast data for all relevant forecast periods ranging from several minutes (intrahour) to hours (intraday) or up to several days (day-ahead and beyond).

Using PV system simulations we then determine the expected PV power. Hereby different influencing factors such as system orientation and possible interference from faults or shading are taken into account. The respective simulation parameters are continuously optimized and adapted to the real operation. For this, we draw on our decades of expertise at Fraunhofer ISE as well as latest data analysis methods from the field of artificial intelligence (AI).


Our Services:

  • PV power forecasting for all relevant time periods
  • Determination of optimal simulation parameters of PV systems
  • Algorithm and system development according to individual needs

Forecast Periods

We offer forecasting systems for the following time ranges

Short- and Medium-range Forecasting