PeroTec Efficiency Phase 1

Development of process technology for highly efficient long-term stable perovskite solar cells using the PeroTecTM process.

Duration: 05/2022 - 04/2024
Contracting Authority/ Sponsors: Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action
Project Partners: RENA Technologies GmbH, Amphos GmbH, Pulsar-Photonics GmbH, Zschimmer & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG Chemische Fabriken, Iolitec GmbH, XaarJet Limited
Project Focus:  

Perovskite solar cells are a rapidly growing research topic. Laboratory efficiencies of up to 25% have already been achieved for small-area solar cells. Because of their sensitivity to oxygen and humidity, hermetic encapsulation must be ensured. The use of chemically stable electrode materials such as micrographite and a highly scalable manufacturing concept are also required.

In the Fraunhofer project "PeroTec-Efficiency", perovskite solar modules (16 x 16 cm²) with a stable solar efficiency of 20% are to be manufactured for the first time in a highly scalable manner using the PeroTecTM process. The modules are manufactured completely on continuous glass substrates in a unique "reverse manufacturing" approach. This goal places high demands on the precision of the manufacturing steps. A new development of process technology from the fields of glass structuring by wet chemistry and laser as well as ink-jet coating technology, furnace technology and the in-situ crystallization of perovskite melts is being carried out. Companies from the mentioned fields are involved in the development and a synergy with mechanical engineers from the established PV industry is aimed at.

The objectives of the project and the range of services to be developed in the project are:

1. the provision of newly developed process steps and novel material as well as system properties (based on material development and modeling)

2. applications for industrial property rights for licensing income

3. realization of a photovoltaic efficient module

4. development of permanently operational perovskite systems, evaluations and analyses, long-term behavior and reliability

5. consolidation and expansion of perovskite competence at Fraunhofer.

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