Hydrogen Infrastructure

Virtual tour of Fraunhofer ISE's hydrogen refueling station

hydrogen refueling station at Fraunhofer ISE
© Fraunhofer ISE
Publicly accessible 700 bar hydrogen refueling station at Fraunhofer ISE with three of the institute’s own fuel cell cars.

Hydrogen is a promising energy transfer medium of the future that finds applications in many areas, e.g. as fuel or chemical precursor. Today hydrogen is produced mostly by natural gas reforming on a large scale. As industrial gas it is available practically everywhere in the form of pressurized gas or at very cold temperatures. In an energy system based on renewable energy sources, the implementation and use of hydrogen requires an effective infrastructure with tailored solutions for storage and distribution.

Our R&D Services:

  • Techno-economic studies on the integration of hydrogen in the energy system
  • Life cycle assessment of hydrogen production and distribution
  • Development of technical concepts for hydrogen storage and distribution in decentralized structures
  • Technological and market studies on the hydrogen infrastructure