Development of battery systems

Battery Development: Construction of Battery Modules and Systems

Aufbau eines Hochleistungssystems
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Development of a high-performance system at Fraunhofer ISE.

Fraunhofer ISE develops stacks, modules and systems with the necessary safety concepts for a wide range of applications for various technologies - currently focusing on lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries and redox flow batteries. The modules are adapted to the respective requirements of the cells and the application and thus, ensure the necessary mechanical stability and reliability, regardless of whether liquid or air is used for cooling. We can build systems up to the MW / MWh range. Thermal, electrical and electrochemical models from the cell to the system are being developed and used to support these activities. Applications are, for example

  • Stand-alone PV systems
  • Home storage to increase own consumption and for grid services
  • Large battery storage for wind turbines and PV power plants
  • Mobile storage systems for portable devices
  • E-Mobility (road, water, air)

Electrical, Electrochemical and Thermal Characterization of Individual Cells, Battery Modules and Battery Storage Systems up to 250kW

No matter whether single cell, home storage or large scale storage for grid services, we design the appropriate test plans in consultation with our customers and characterize batteries of all storage technologies in our comprehensively equipped lab.

Thermal Management and Cooling Systems

Thermische Charakterisierung eines Batteriemoduls
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Thermal characterization of a battery module.

Thermal management is particularly important for the safe and reliable operation of a battery storage system, especially in connection with a long service life of the cells used. However, cooling requires additional energy, due to this reason the efficiency in practical application is often significantly below the optimum values. Fraunhofer ISE is therefore developing highly efficient cooling concepts and cooling systems that are optimized for efficiency and yet meet all requirements in terms of safety, reliability and service life. For this purpose, state-of-the-art simulation-based processes are used to optimize the design of the cooling system and to develop the best possible operational management strategies. The models used are parameterized and validated with measurement data from the battery laboratory. High-precision calorimeters and thermal imaging cameras are available for thermal examination and testing.

Electrical Safety Concepts

Modern battery systems, e.g. based on lithium-ion batteries, require battery management systems for safe operation that keep the battery cells in a safe condition at all times. In error situations, shutdown must be ensured at all times. The functional safety of the battery system in combination with hardware and software is also decisive here. Fraunhofer ISE advises and prepares a corresponding overall concept which forms the basis for the certification of the battery system.

Our R&D services in this field of work include:

  • Electrical, electrochemical and thermal characterization of individual cells, battery modules and battery storage units up to MW class
  • Development of battery modules and battery systems
  • Thermal management and cooling systems
  • Safety concepts for battery systems