Dr. Saskia Kühnhold-Pospischil

Science Advisor to the Institute Director

Research focus

  • Photovoltaics
  • PV Production and Technology
  • Silicon Surface Passivation
  • Physics of Semiconductors and Thin Film Systems
  • Silicon Epitaxy
  • Laser-based Processes for Renewable Energies
  • Negative Emissions Technologies

Curriculum vitae

Work experience
Since 2023 Referent of the Directorship, Fh ISE
2021 - 2022 Group Leader “Laser Process Development”, Fh ISE
Since 2020 Strategy Development, Negative Emissions Technologies, Fh ISE
Since 2018 Project Manager, Department Production Tech., Structuring and Metallization, Fh ISE
2018 - 2021 Equal Opportunity Officer, Fh ISE
2016 - 2018 Postdoc, Department Crystallization and Functional Materials, Fh ISE
2013 - 2014 Scientist, research stay at the Forschungszentrum Jülich and Solar World Innovations GmbH (SWIN) Freiberg
2011 - 2016 PhD thesis, defects in the Si/Al2O3 interface, Department of Production Technology and Quality Assurance, Fh ISE and University of Freiburg
2009 - 2011 Scientist, Department of Quantum Optics at the Faculty of Physics, University of Tübingen
2006 - 2016 Scientist, management of practical courses, Faculties of Physics and Chemistry, Universities of Tübingen and Freiburg
Education - Training
2020 - 2021 Training as Coach “Systemic, integral coach" (personal and business coach), with a focus on ACT (Acceptance commitment training)
2019 - 2022 Specialist "Protection against sexual harassment and violence in working life" (trainer)
University education
2003 - 2010 Diploma in physics, Eberhard Karls University Tübingen (final grade "very good"); focus: nanotechnology
2009 - 2010 Diploma thesis, Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, Department of Experimental Nano Atom Optics, Title: One Atom Statistics in Ultracold Quantum Gases
2005 - 2006 Study abroad, Spain, Faculty of Physics, University of Oviedo, Asturias

Awards & outstanding achievements

2021 Champion of the Fraunhofer BestChance Award for the development of a protection concept "Prevention and Intervention of Sexual harassment at the Workplace"
2019 - 2021 funded within the framework of TALENTA SpeedUp (Fraunhofer-internal program to support female scientists on their individual career path towards leadership)
2019 2nd place of the Fraunhofer BestChance award for the development of the support programs Femovation and DokInCareer
2003 Ella Bulow Prize for the financing model of a combined heat and power plant including a photovoltaic system at the Georg-Christoph Lichtenberg School

Major projects

Strategy Development of Negative Emission Technologies 
Coordination of Negative Emission Technologiy activities at the Fraunhofer ISE, amongst others: Life cycle assessments of negative emission technologies for Bioenergy Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS), Direct Air Capture Carbon Capture and Storage (DACCS) and Pyrolysis Carbon Capture and Storage (PyCCS) and simulating Negative Emission Technologies as a part of the Renewable Energy Model (REMod)
Project management of several publicly funded joint projects

Activities as coach and trainer

I offer trainings for

  1. prevention and intervention of sexual harassment at the workplace
  2. stress prevention


Publication Type
2021 Alternative printing technologies
Pospischil, Maximilian; Lorenz, Andreas; Kühnhold-Pospischil, Saskia; Adrian, Adrian
Aufsatz in Buch
Book Article
2020 A density functional theory study on the passivation mechanisms of hydrogenated Si/Al2O3 interfaces
Colonna, F.; Kühnhold-Pospischil, S.; Elsässer, C.
Journal Article
2019 Optical evaluation of laser generated plating seed layers
Franzl, Yannick; Widmaier, Y.; Kroyer, Thomas; Brand, Andreas; Kühnhold-Pospischil, Saskia; Nekarda, Jan
Conference Paper
2018 Rapid vapor-phase direct doping for high-efficiency solar cells
Kühnhold-Pospischil, Saskia; Steinhauser, Bernd; Richter, Armin; Gust, Elke; Janz, Stefan
Journal Article
2018 Optimization of inline processes for the production of freestanding epitaxially grown thin films for solar cells
Ivanov, Alexey; Sorgenfrei, Ralf; Gust, Elke; Barth, Philipp; Nieuwenhuysen, Kris van; Kühnhold-Pospischil, Saskia; Riepe, Stephan; Janz, Stefan
Conference Paper
2018 Oberflächen-Passivierung von kristallinem Silicium durch Aluminiumoxid
Kühnhold-Pospischil, Saskia
Doctoral Thesis
2017 Origin and impact of crystallographic defects in epitaxially grown Si wafers
Janz, Stefan; Amiri, Diana; Gust, Elke; Kühnhold-Pospischil, Saskia; Riepe, Stephan; Heinz, Friedemann D.; Drießen, Marion
Conference Paper
2017 Rapid vapor-phase direct diffused emitter for solar cell applications
Kühnhold-Pospischil, Saskia; Gust, Elke; Amiri, Diana; Richter, Armin; Steinhauser, Bernd; Drießen, Marion; Michl, Bernhard; Greulich, Johannes M.; Benick, Jan; Lindekugel, Stefan; Janz, Stefan
Conference Paper
2016 A study on Si/Al2O3 paramagnetic point defects
Kühnhold-Pospischil, Saskia; Saint-Cast, Pierre; Hofmann, Marc; Weber, S.; Jakes, P.; Eichel, R.-A.; Granwehr, J.
Journal Article
2016 Activation Energy of Negative Fixed Charges in Thermal ALD Al2O3
Kühnhold-Pospischil, Saskia; Saint-Cast, Pierre; Richter, Armin; Hofmann, Marc
Journal Article
2015 Charge transport in nanocrystalline SiC with and without embedded Si nanocrystals
Schnabel, Manuel; Canino, Mariaconcetta; Kühnhold-Pospischil, Saskia; López-Vidrier, Julian; Klugermann, T.; Weiss, Charlotte; Lopez-Conesa, L.; Zschintzsch-Dias, M.; Summonte, Caterina; Löper, Philipp; Janz, Stefan; Wilshaw, Peter R.
Journal Article
2014 High-temperature Degradation in Plasma-enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Al2O3 Surface Passivation Layers on Crystalline Silicon
Kühnhold, S.; Saint-Cast, P.; Kafle, B.; Hofmann, M.; Colonna, F.; Zacharias, M.
Journal Article
2014 PECVD Al2O3 for Surface Passivation: A Review of Solar Cell and Thin Layer Characteristics Silicon Solar Cell
Kühnhold-Pospischil, Saskia; Saint-Cast, Pierre; Hofmann, Marc; Paramanathan, R.; El-Safoury, M.; Kafle, Bishal; Kania, Daniel; Weiss, L.; Heo, Y.-H.; Billot, Etienne; Olwal, P.; Rentsch, Jochen; Preu, Ralf
Conference Paper
2013 High-power-plasma PECVD of SiNx and Al2O3 for industrial solar cell manufacturing
Hofmann, Marc; Kohn, Norbert; Schwarz, F.; Nölker, S.; Kastl, S.; Beckmann, R.; Ferré, R.; Pernau, T.; Trogus, Daniel; Kühnhold-Pospischil, Saskia; Saint-Cast, Pierre; Rentsch, Jochen
Conference Paper
2013 Recombination and optical properties of wet chemically polished thermal oxide passivated Si surfaces
Schwab, C.; Wolf, Andreas; Graf, M.; Wöhrle, Nico; Greulich, Johannes M.; Kühnhold-Pospischil, Saskia; Kästner, G.; Biro, Daniel; Preu, Ralf
Journal Article
2012 Impact of thermal treatment on PECVD Al2O3 passivation layers
Kühnhold-Pospischil, Saskia; Kafle, Bishal; Kroely, L.; Saint-Cast, Pierre; Hofmann, Marc; Rentsch, Jochen; Preu, Ralf
Journal Article
2012 Recombination on locally processed wafer surfaces
Saint-Cast, Pierre; Nekarda, Jan; Hofmann, Marc; Kühnhold-Pospischil, Saskia; Preu, Ralf
Journal Article
2012 Thermal stability investigations of PECVD Al2O3 films discussing a possibility of improving surface passivation by re-hydrogenation after high temperature processes
Kafle, Bishal; Kühnhold-Pospischil, Saskia; Beyer, W.; Lindekugel, Stefan; Saint-Cast, Pierre; Hofmann, Marc; Rentsch, Jochen
Conference Paper
2012 A review of PECVD aluminum oxide for surface passivation
Saint-Cast, Pierre; Hofmann, Marc; Kühnhold-Pospischil, Saskia; Kania, Daniel; Weiss, L.; Heo, Y.-H.; Billot, Etienne; Olwal, P.; Trogus, Daniel; Rentsch, Jochen; Preu, Ralf
Conference Paper
2012 Passivation of inline wet chemically polished surfaces for industrial PERC devices
Schwab, C.; Wolf, Andreas; Graf, M.; Nekarda, Jan F.; Kästner, G.; Zimmer, Martin; Kühnhold-Pospischil, Saskia; Hofmann, Marc; Biro, Daniel; Preu, Ralf
Journal Article
2012 High-temperature stability of c-Si surface passivation by thick PECVD Al2O3 with and without hydrogenated capping layers
Saint-Cast, Pierre; Kania, D.; Heller, R.; Kühnhold-Pospischil, Saskia; Hofmann, Marc; Rentsch, Jochen; Preu, Ralf
Journal Article
2011 Surface Passivation of Highly and Lowly Doped P-Type Silicon Surfaces with PECVD Al2O3 for Industrially Applicable Solar Cell Concepts
Saint-Cast, Pierre; Billot, Etienne; Olwal, P.; Kühnhold-Pospischil, Saskia; Richter, Armin; Hofmann, Marc; Rentsch, Jochen; Preu, Ralf
Conference Paper
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