Sven Auerswald M.Sc.

Doctoral Candidate, Building Systems Technology, Division Energy Technologies and Systems

Research focus

  • Further development of measurement techniques and evaluation methods for ventilation systems and concepts for the residential sector and renovation
  • Field measurement of ventilation systems on device level (pressure drops, energy efficiency,…), room level (air exchange effectiveness, hygrothermal comfort) and building level
  • Measurement and characterisation of ventilation systems in the laboratory: energy efficiency, pressure drops, etc.
  • Creation of test rig concepts and construction of test rigs for ventilation and HVAC systems (varying temperature, moisture and pressure differences, etc.)

Curriculum vitae

05/2017–today Doctoral candidate, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, University of Freiburg, Evaluation of the Energy Efficiency and Provided Air Exchange Effectiveness of Decentralised Supply and Exhaust Ventilation Systems for Dwellings.
02/2016–10/2016 Master thesis, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, TUHH – Institute for Process and Plant Engineering, TUHH – Institute for Energy Engineering. Experimental investigation of a screw heat exchanger
with integrated application of the heat pipe principle. (German)
02/2015–08/2015 Project thesis, TUHH – Institute for Thermofluiddynamics. Implementation of a Step Size-Control to Optimise the Topology of a Composite Latent Heat Storage Using Adjunctive Methods. (English)
05/2013–11/2013 Bachelor thesis, TUHH – Institute of Multiphase Flows. Experimental Analyse of the Hydrodynamic in a Micro-Structured Apparatus in Order to Increase the Energy Efficiency. (German)

Major projects

HEAVEN HEAting and VENtilation, started in 2017, German national project (BMWi): Investigation and Characterisation of Decentralised Ventilation Devices.
SALSA Salt-Based Latent Heat Storage Units for Solar Steam Generation and Use of Waste Heat.


2021 (TBD) Ventilation Effectiveness of Alternating Façade-integrated Ventilation Devices in a Dwelling
S. Auerswald, R. Devineni, T. Pflug, C. Bongs
Conference Paper
2021 Ventilation Effectiveness of Alternating Façade-Integrated Ventilation Devices: Paper presented at 15th Roomvent Virtual Conference 2021, February 15th to 17th, 2021
S. Auerswald, C. Hörberg, T. Pflug, J. Pfafferott, C. Bongs
Conference Paper
Full Text
2020 Experimental Investigation of the Air Exchange Effectiveness of Push-Pull Ventilation Devices
S. Auerswald, C. Hörberg, T. Pflug, J. Pfafferott, C. Bongs, H.-M. Henning
Journal Article
Full Text
2018 A holistic evaluation method for decentralized ventilation systems
S. Auerswald, T. Pflug, P. Engelmann, N. Carbonare, C. Bongs, H.-M. Henning
Conference Paper
2016 Experimentelle Untersuchung eines Schneckenwärmeübertragers mit integrierter Anwendung des Wärmerohrprinzips
S. Auerswald, D. Willert
Full Text