VAckerBio: Vertical Agrivoltaics in Arable Farming

Preliminary Investigations on Agronomic Assessments and Impacts on Biodiversity compared to Elevated Systems

Vertical Facility in Donaueschingen-Asen.
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Vertical Facility in Donaueschingen-Asen.

The research project »VAckerBio: Preliminary investigations on agronomic assessments and impacts on biodiversity compared to elevated systems« and the project »VAckerPower« funded through the BMWK allow a comprehensive consideration of the vertical agri-PV approach in arable farming. In »VAckerBio«, the focus is on effects of an Agri-PV system on arable land use and biodiversity. In these regards, the project results are intended to serve as a guide in the ecological and agricultural evaluation of agri-PV systems in arable farming.

Agrivoltaic systems not only have to meet higher technical and structural requirements than ground mounted PV, but also have to fulfill crop production requirements in order to preserve land for crop production and to exploit potential synergies. By experimentally testing utilization concepts at an arable site where a vertical agrivoltaic system has already been established, potential synergy effects will be systematically captured. The research project will document the microclimate, soil quality, crop growth, and both pest and beneficial insect populations. The evaluation of these investigations serves as a first orientation for the assessment of possible synergies in the use of vertical agrivoltaic systems in arable farming. On this foundation, potentials and optimization needs will be identified.

The overall objective of the research project is the sustainable development of agrivoltaics on arable land as a component of multifunctional landscapes. As such, agrivoltaic secures agricultural income, provides space for biodiversity and at the same time contributes to domestic agricultural and energy production.

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